Why Handcrafted Fountain Pens Are Making a Comeback?

Handcrafted fountain pens have become an increasingly popular trend. Unique aesthetics with a blend of controlled strokes and smooth ink flow into the paper make fountain pens a classic choice for many. Whether you’re a passionate writer, an antique collector or someone who appreciates classic and beautiful pieces – you’ll surely fall in love with handcrafted fountain pens.

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Fountain Pens

What are the benefits of handcrafted fountain pens?

Functional pens

Engraved pens are not mere decor pieces; they are entirely functional writing instruments that offer a smooth and consistent ink flow over the paper. The best thing about a fountain pen is the strokes that can help you produce beautiful writing. Hence, if you plan to buy handcrafted fountain pens for gifting purposes, you can buy them without a second thought.

Improves handwriting

Writing with a fountain pen can improve your handwriting. The smooth and fluid flow of ink accompanied by strokes helps to improve writing styles. Furthermore, compared to a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen slows down the writing speed, which gives the individual the time to concentrate on writing clearly and beautifully.

Customisation options

Handcrafted fountain pens are an excellent gifting option. You can get it engraved as per your choice. Do you want the initials of your name on the pen? Studios offer ample customisation options. Add a personal touch to the fountain pen before buying the same.

Versatile size options

These pens are available in versatile types of shapes and sizes. You can choose the nib size of the fountain pen, depending on your hand grip. Along with engraving options, you can also choose the colour of the ink. Moreover, you can choose engraving for the customisation option.

Sustainable option

Handcrafted fountain pens are sustainable compared to the other types of pens. Most of them are made of wood sourced ethically. You consciously choose the environment by choosing a handcrafted fountain pen.

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