Detroit Agate (Fordite) Rollerball Pen


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Own a piece of Motoring history with this unique Rollerball pen.

The pens look is complimented by the use of gun metal and black chrome fittings.

The rollerball uses standard “Schmidt,Pentel” style refills and comes in a stylish presentation box.

For interest, you will find more information about the origins of Fordite below.

Starting in the 1920s, American auto manufacturers began painting car bodies using a hand-spraying technique to speed up the painting process, and overspray would accumulate in the paint bays. 

Over time, layer upon colorful layer built up. 
The pieces of enamel paint slag were repeatedly hardened in the ovens in which the cars went to cure the paint, with some of the layers baked up to 100 times. 

Eventually, the paint clumps got in the way of vehicle assembly and had to be removed. Luckily for us, groups of factory workers eventually started salvaging the material. It takes about 997 layers of paint to build a 1-inch thick fordite slag specimen. 


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